Deb O'Brien

Children's Book Writer and Illustrator

Who? Me? 

     Well, I live just outside of Boston, MA.  Born and raised here. The oldest of eight children. You can see by the photos that my parents had a twisted sense of humor. I guess that's where I get my quirkiness from. See if you can pick me out. (Hope not)

     I'm married, have two wonderful grown children, and two delightful twin granddaughters.  Don't believe what they say about twins skipping a generation.  Lucy and Sydney are the fourth generation of twins in my family. They are the love of my husband and my lives.

     When my children were little, I used to make up stories to entertain them. Once they left the nest, I had more time for myself. One particular story was always in the back of my mind, and every once in a while it would poke at me asking to come out. That original story has turned, twisted, and grown into a middle grade story called, "Wanda From Down Unda." Wanda is still evolving and someday she will emerge, criky.

    When I'm not reading, writing, or working on my art, you'll find me in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe or expanding upon an old favorite.

Or husband and I love to explore new places.

    One of my proudest achievements was working on the 2015 New England IIDA Fashion Show. Click on the video to see Pearl in action.

Favorite movies?  I am a sucker for The Devil Wears Prada, Le Miserable, and Something's Gotta Give; okay, I fall for romantic comedies... and Anne Hathaway. I'm also a big GOT, Indiana Jones, early Star Wars, Hunger Games, and of course, Harry Potter fan.

Favorite PB artists: Jerry Pinkney, Barry Moser, Russ Cox, and Kevin Barry.

Favorite children's books: Chrysanthemum, Alice in Wonderland, all Jane Austin books, and One For The Murphys, which made me cry.

Favorite garage band: The Furniture. (Hey, I have to give my son a plug)

     Thank you again for visiting my website.