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My Story:

A native to Massachusetts, I’ve always had a creative side. When I was a kid, I would cut out the paper dolls from the Sunday paper and design clothes for them. (Yes, that’s how old I am). I was also fortunate enough to win several art competitions within the Arch Diocese of Boston.


As an adult, I sewed my own draperies, clothes, and Halloween costumes for my kids; my favorites being the mermaid and skunk. More recently, I designed and created costumes for several fashion shows. Check out this video of my favorite show that I worked on, Loxodonta.

I’ve had my own faux painting business, as well as authored and illustrated poems for three anthologies.

Although I work in several mediums, my favorite is watercolor. I love the transparency of the paint and the happy mistakes that make that piece special. Thank you for checking out my work.

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